• Affiliation No. 2133075
  • Affiliated to C.B.S.E. Board, New Delhi

Academy Rules

General Rules

  • Continuity on the roll of the school is subject to satisfactory progress in studies.
  • Any student who fails for the second consecutive year in the same class will not be permitted to continues in the school.
  • Student must be regular and punctual in attendance. For leave of absence previously sanctioned is to be obtained from the Principal in writing.
  • Leave of absence during the term will not be granted except under very special circumstances.
  • Request for leave on Medical ground must be supported by certificate of a registered medical practitioner. In this case the application must be forwarded at least on the second the second day of the leave.
  • Fees must be paid regularly. A student's name is liable to struck off if the fees are in arrears in the end.
  • Student shall not be permitted to be absent from classes for the sake of celebrations and festivals.
  • All dues and arrears must be cleared before the half yearly and annual examinition respectively.
  • All students will have to take part in the extra-curricular activities, co-curricular activities, drill etc. No requests for exemption will entertained.

Special Instruction to Students

  • Children must be punctual to school.
  • The School uniform should be spick and span/neat and tidy
  • The child's belongings must have the child's name tag on it.
  • Do not send too much Tiffin for the child: Kind do not sent liquids stc. Snacks would be preferred. A napkin must be sent everyday to school with the child.
  • Do not send money, jwellery, mobile phones or any other costly articles with the child.
  • Hair should be neaty combed and pinned/tied if require. Nails should be trim regularly. No nail polish mehandi, etc. should be applied.
  • The school diary should be sent regularly and all notes must be duly signed.
  • Parents can come and meet the in charges on Saturday only.
  • Respect your elder and teachers, whenever you meet them, greet them with respect and love
  • Be simple in words and ways.
  • Avoid using indecent language.
  • Be polite and helpful to the strangers coming to the school.
  • Student are exhorted to make use of the library and reading room. Book and periodicals must be carefully handled and kept neat and tidy.
  • English is the medium of communication in the school premises. Speak only in English during the school hours.
  • Students are expected to protect the school property and not harm it.









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